Saturday, March 24, 2018

Is David Hogg The Next Shooter?

Meet David Hogg, media darling and the star actor in a “black swan” event.

You’ve got a surprise school shooting, a major media firestorm, and an inappropriate rationalization that we must destroy the Second Amendment.

Yup, black swan.

He’s supposedly a student.

He’s shrill, hateful, repellent, and wants to kill your freedom of speech and your right to bear arms.

He’s also son of an FBI agent, the same FBI that we now know engaged in numerous unlawful and treasonous acts.

Shooting up a high school is not beyond them.

It would not surprise me of David Hogg resorts to gun violence to protest gun violence.

That’s the essence of his psychopathological personality.

As a paid crisis actor, I hope he is enjoying his 15 minutes of shame.

Then he can join Adam Rippon—whose 15 minutes of ignominy are over—and live in hell unhappily ever after.

When the “surprise” shooting happened, Hogg took out his phone and interviewed people as it was happening.

That is a patently illogical response, but it makes perfect sense if you’re in on the scam of the black-swan event.

When he has spoken extemporaneously, he’s had an ear piece in so he could be coached as to what to say.

David Hogg is a disingenuous liar and domestic terrorist.

He isn’t real.

Funny, how he just happened to be the media darling in the Los Angeles area mere months ago bitching about gun violence.

Now, supposedly, he’s a proud Floridian bitching about gun violence.

The coincidence of both events happening to him is below zero.

He is a part of a staged event both times.

The better question is whether or not the FBI has gotten so out of control that a coup d’etat is what they are planning.

Predicate it on gun control and the sheeple will be pleased to follow and be subjugated.

David Hogg is fake news.

Do not fall for him.

Prepare well, my friends.

And be careful. This is how Hitler began.