Saturday, August 12, 2017

5 Reasons to Conduct Surveillance #Preppers

As Freddie Mercury would sing: “…Open your eyes. Look up to the skies and see…”

Many prepper/survival blogs—this one included—have written at length about 360-degree awareness.

360-degree awareness is active, happening-in-the-moment surveillance.

But passive surveillance is essential too.

Passive surveillance involves documenting situations as they are so as to have a rock-solid baseline for what is normal in each situation.

So, what should a prepper do?

#1  Develop a Baseline Awareness

Part of the problem people have during #SHTF is that they do not have a solid baseline in their heads for what is customary in that situation.

They rely on how things should be and that's what messes them up.

So many of us need to learn to see and not just look.

Thus, surveillance—the act of consciously studying a situation and gathering information—is essential.

#2  Develop Confidence in a State of Readiness

Surveillance is not a response to paranoia.

Surveillance will not scare the shit out of you.

What it will do is to make you keenly aware of details in addition to a person’s normal default: the big picture.

Because you are actively becoming more and more aware, you will become more confident—not in your invincibility—but in your ability to see differences and respond.

I cannot imagine a prepper NOT having a DSLR with lenses.

I cannot imagine a prepper NOT shooting regular documentation of—at minimum—his property.

I cannot imagine a prepper NOT taking pictures in public—yes, perhaps with a smart phone instead of a DSLR—when they have suspicions.

Documentation is safety.

#3  Develop Unobtrusive Obtrusiveness

Your hobby is photography.

You just L-O-V-E…LOVE IT!

You’re a mindless idiot shooting selfies with your smart phone.

You just L-O-V-E…LOVE IT!

Surveillance is clandestine, but if someone catches on to a person being clandestine, that act draws suspicion.

Surveillance is obtrusive because you are getting potentially into the business of others.

Thus being unobtrusive in one’s obtrusiveness is essential.

Everyone documents everything on their phones, so you doing likewise will not draw suspicion. Do it!

The problem with smart-phone cameras is that the cameras—despite their megapixels—are no match for “real” cameras.

Thus, developing the persona of a photographic hobbyist allows you to hide in plain sight.

#4  Develop a Predictive Capacity

Henri Cartier-Bresson was an iconic master of photography who pioneered capturing the “decisive moment” in candid photography.

Because he predated the digital era, he wanted to make each frame of film count.

He was a virtuoso of not only surveillance, but awareness.

Cartier-Bresson got to the point where he could predict what was going to happen with enough lead time that the shutter of his camera would be open to capture the moment.

Imagine if you could develop an intuitive sense to know precisely what was going to happen with enough lead time so as to better protect your safety.

Couple that with 360 degree awareness and you’d be a survivalist ace.

#5  Develop an Advantage Over Others

Those who choose to look do not see.

Those who choose to see gain insight.

Insight trumps money.

You either have insight or you don’t and if you don’t have insight, learn to see and discern.

Developing a greater consciousness and consequently the skill of metacognition is a “must do” for all preppers.

Prepare well, my friends.