Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A High School Prepper Club

When I was 23, I did a year of student teaching and could not wait to get into my own classroom

Now at 54, I have 30 years under my belt and my career is as fresh now as it was then.

I have my years in, so I could retire, but I see no need to do so.

I am as invigorated today about being a teacher as I was 31 years ago.

My experience has given me wisdom, but my hatred of complacency has kept me alive.

I have six more years to go before my daughter graduates from high school, which will make me 60.

I’m putting in excess years, but I am OK with that.

I plan to teach for as long as I feel invigorated and know that I am making a positive impact on students.

Currently the data shows I am effective, the minute it shows otherwise, I’m gone.

I love learning and I love to learn. Every day is new to me.

At my school, a friend and I plan to institute an emergency readiness club. 

Don’t say doomsday. 

Don’t say prepper.

Say readiness.

Readiness is common sense.

Readiness is prudent.

Readiness is a virtue.

There are a LOT of students who wisely know they need to be ready against the possible threats that could disrupt their lives.

As a trusted teacher, I think I can help them in their search.

I am not bragging when I say I have earned a legacy.

I have worked hard to be a teacher who gave twice his salary in effort for the price of one salary.

I despise teachers who do not give their all. I am important because I can teach. I teach en loco parentis and each of my students I treat as my own child.

I’ve always believed in value…and in values.

I am unabashedly old-fashioned in my values.

Students today are hungry for values as they grapple with the amorphous world they face. They want old-fashioned bottom lines that empower rather than diminish them. They want sane guidelines that give a framework for progressing in the world.

In short, the future is safe. They get that there is a challenge.

I plan to enhance my legacy through service.

The club that a buddy and I are planning will be a part of my legacy and I do not say that with greed, but with humility.

My students love and trust me and I am willing to meet that love and trust with a challenge.

Let’s learn to prepare.

If I can be a positive influence for the goal of preparedness, based on the trust that students place in me, then I assure you I will return well on their investment.

In me they will see a non-Mormon prepper—I’m Catholic—who advocates common sense readiness skills.

I bring up Mormons because, to many, Mormons are crazy for their “prepperness” ways.

Mormons are not crazy.

The club members will see me standing next to a Mormon man who has made it his mission to make his entire family ready for a crisis.

He is a good man and father, as am I.

My goal is not to indoctrinate because I hate that.

My goal is to lead by example.

My goal is to leave students with more than how to write a competent essay.

Long after I am gone, I want students to remember me as voice of reason and common sense in a world fraught with ambiguity.

Every prepper has a calling to educate.

Figure out how you can facilitate learning and share your wisdom.

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