Sunday, April 26, 2015

Bug In VS Bug Out

Which is better bugging in or bugging out?

The answer is that it depends on the situation.

I have written before about how my city—Bakersfield, California—would experience flooding if the Lake Isabella dam were to break.

Most of the city would have some flooding. My neighborhood could have one to three feet of water. The estimates vary depending on the source.

My house is on a raised lot and therefore would not be under water.

I could bug in.

My area is also very close to the San Andreas earthquake fault line and should a big quake shake the area, I may have no choice but to bug out.

The basic question behind which is better—bugging in or out—is which option brings more safety. That will obviously depend on the situation.

I simply do not believe a TEOTWAWKI event will happen. I know I am supposed to believe that it will in order not to have my prepper card revoked, but I think natural emergencies or riots are infinitely more likely to impact my existence.

If I were confronted with a situation as that of Ferguson, Missouri—where people turn into criminal terrorists to protest something—I would bug out and leave the psychopathic idiots to enjoy their blood thirst.

I would also pray for the President to have the balls to call them what they are—terrorists—and to use military force against them.

TEOTWAWKI still looms. I don’t believe that we can prepare for every TEOTWAWKI contingency. There is no way to anticipate everything.

That is why I am not a doomsday prepper.

If true doom happens, it will be more damning than any of us can imagine—in my opinion.

Stay prepped.

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