Friday, April 17, 2015

Going Commando

Face it. Our society enjoys judging people.

We judge those whom we think in some way are inferior to us because it makes us feel superior. It doesn’t, but we think it does.

As soon as someone decides to plan ahead, to stock a pantry, to have an emergency plan, and--in short--to be self-reliant, all too often the pejorative term “doomsday prepper” crosses the lips of naysayers and with it comes the image of gun-toting commandos ready to defy the Apocalypse.

Going commando. Far-right, extremist crazies. Rogue gun owners. Violence. Insanity.

Don’t drink the hype-flavored Kool-Aid the judges gladly pour into cups and offer for free.

The judges are uncomfortable with the preppers’ belief that disasters happen and that we should be prepared.

The judges would rather live as ostriches with their heads in the sand. And yes I know that’s a myth.

As I have said before, I do not think the Apocalypse is about to happen, or even that society is going to have a meltdown. If that should happen, all my prepping will buy me is time, but not indemnity from all harm.

I do believe that natural disasters are likely. My preparedness most decidedly will bring me a measure of safety that the judges will not have.

I also do not get paid two months out of the year, so having a well stocked pantry just makes sense.

A part of the purpose of this blog is to provide a voice of a prepper in progress who is down to earth, or at least I think I am.

A highly evolved prepper I met recently has 4x4 dually truck, a trailer, and an established bug out destination. He is at a much higher level of preparedness than I am. Getting a 4x4 dually truck and a trailer is not on my short list of goals, but not because I think he is crazy.

My judgment of him is positive. I admire that he is that passionate about protecting his family and I have a lot I can learn from him. I get to choose how far down the path I go and someday I may have come to the same realization that has prompted his level of readiness.

I prefer to not think of people without a plan as non-preppers, but rather asnpeople who are not preppers yet.

Another purpose of my blog is to encourage people who are not yet preppers to begin planning.

I am by no means an expert, but I began planning and my stroll down the path so far has improved my outlook on life. Because something bad could happen, I now value even more the moments I find myself in and the people I have come in contact with in those moments.

The judges sometimes act like prepping is some kind of secular religion worshipped by loonies with conspiracy theories.

Prepping is not a secular religion.

Perhaps we judge others and put people down to have a sense of power, but any power is illusory.

I have held positions with power attached to them, but I’d rather have control--not over others--but over my safety and security.

That is why I prep.

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