Friday, April 10, 2015

Going Gamma

Scenario for Bakersfielders: the Lake Isabella dam breaks. Within 6 hours my house would have a foot of water in it.

Bug out!

Grab and go!

Throw the 72-hour bags into the Fusion with some flats of water. Throw in the dogs.

Bug out to higher ground.

My 72-hour bags are really 144-hour bags.

But what if the crisis were greater?

First, I am screwed for not owning a pickup and a trailer.

That’s on my “to do” list.

But, if I had the pickup and trailer, I could throw my food supply on and bug out.

White buckets and Gamma Lids are pure bug-out gold.

What are Gamma Lids? You ask.


First, some basics.

You need a food supply in the event of a natural disaster or terrorist cataclysm.

Make a list.

If you have to bug out, throwing it on your trailer and getting the hell out of Dodge is the answer.

Gamma lids on buckets are gold.

They can be stored in inclement weather and still protect your food sources because they provide easy access, but they seal tightly.

I have stored food (pasta, beans, lentils, dehydrated potatoes, textured vegetable protein, and more) in them in pre-measured meal servings. The Gamma lids on the white buckets keep the bugs out, but if I were having to leave home and go entirely somewhere else, nature could rain and snow on my food supply and I would be hunky dory.

Granted, I am a neophyte prepper, but—what I’ve got—I can bug out with if I had an appropriate vehicle.

This is my path so far.

More experienced preppers will laugh (probably because they were once at my stage of implementation).

The unprepared will think I am crazy (more on that to come).

I am OK with that.

Be prepared, friends.

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