Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Gray Man

So a SHTF moment happens. How should I respond?

Do I dress up like G.I. Joe and man up? No.

One of the concepts I have learned on my path to preparedness is that of being the “gray” man i.e. the guy who doesn’t stand out.

I would mirror my surroundings.

If my neighborhood were cut off from running water, I would not look springtime fresh.

I would stop shaving and shampooing my hair despite the fact that I have water stored with which I could do just that.

I would take care to wear the same clothes as well.

If electricity were out, I would not conspicuously fire up the generator and have my house blasting light out of its open windows.

I would run the generator sparingly to keep my refrigerator and freezer happy, but for everything else I would go dark.

When speaking with neighbors, I would mirror their exasperation, so as not to become the supermarket they decide to use because they have not prepared.

THAT is why I have advocated the idea of encouraging neighborhood preparedness.

A half-century ago, neighborhoods were very interdependent, but not now.

We need to return to that interdependence.

Let’s take the discussion one step further. Let’s say that everyone on my block is a prepper.

Sooner or later we would reach the perimeter where the unprepared are losing their minds and looting.

Our own government tells us to prepare. They have many excellent publications that tell us how. Yet, not everyone does.

I have advocated elsewhere that we preppers should whisper softly to inclined ears open to hearing our message of self sufficiency and then guiding them to prep.

That is precisely how I got started. Two good friends—a married couple—began the conversation with me and because I respect and admire them, I started.

I am a long way from whispering softly to the people in my neighborhood because—although we get along with each other—we are not interdependent.

To them, I am a gray man. They know I’m gainfully employed. They know I keep my yard looking nice. They know I am pleasant to be around, but they do not know I have stockpiles of food and water.

I am a gray man.

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