Saturday, April 25, 2015

Homemade Amazing...A Mindset

My ex-wife called me Martha Stewart the other day because I am making so many things from scratch that—expediently—I could buy.

I’ll take it. She and I are amicable, but because I was raised by a grandmother and a great-aunt who cooked and canned, I know how to do things.

The expedient way to do things is a “30 minute gourmet” meal from canned items. Sometimes, time constraints force and when forced into that mode I can deliver something amazing.

The crockpot and blender are my friends for sauces. Put the ingredients in the crockpot, liquefy the cooked goodness, and divide up by quarts and freeze.

A tamale cooker is my friend for stocks. Throw in the meat and bones, veggies, and non-salted seasonings and boil the living hell out of it. Strain off the broth, return it to the tamale cooker and boil the hell out of it to reduce the liquid by one half. Divide up by quarts and freeze.

I am making my own vanilla as I have posted.

I am also going to take advantage of the sales at WinCo Foods and dehydrate peppers, onions, and tomatoes.

I may buy an ice-cream freezer this summer to show my daughter how to do it. I don’t eat much ice cream, but homemade is amazing. Can you imagine it with my homemade vanilla?

Many of us think we are too busy to do homemade when the reality is that we are not adept at multitasking.

I plan to do a whole lot of  “homemade amazing” work this summer and fall and give as gifts the fruits of my work to family and friends. Not only will they know I have gone to the trouble to do something of tangible value, I can also open up the conversation of getting back into the kitchen.

…And being prepared.

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