Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Intelligent Loss

I have written previously about the notion of being the gray neighbor (i.e. one that does not call attention to the level of his preparation) and with that goes the idea of having a gray house (i.e. one that does not call attention to the level of preparation inside).

Think carefully about the face you present to your neighborhood.

What do they see in your driveway?

If they see your Hummer H2 bug-out vehicle that stands poised and ready, then you are calling attention to your preparedness.

Telegraph your preparedness less and whisper about it more to those of like mind, who are ready to start and or who are interested in networking.

When your garage door is up, what do people see?

If they see that your gear is ready to be thrown onto the trailer that is permanently attached to your bug-out vehicle, then you are making yourself a “loot here first” target.

Do not give inadvertent snap shots that make you the WalMart Superstore of the SHTF moment.

Consider the concept of intelligent loss. Or in other words create a stockpile to lose and one that is better hidden that looters in a hurry will not look for since they have already "stolen" your treasure.

Consider having a gardening shed or two. 

I have two. 

One is clearly visible on the side patio over the fence next to the garage and the other is hidden behind the house and not easily visible from the street.

Such gardening sheds can easily store non-perishable essentials (sleeping bags, tents, bug out tools, etc.), but they can also be used to misdirect.

In the shed that is easily seen in the patio, I plan to have a couple flats of water, some canned goods, and some food in five-gallon buckets with Omega lids. It will look like a prepper’s bounty.

In Bakersfield it is usually 100 degrees or higher during the summer and that will negatively impact the food suitability, but I am OK with that because it gives looters something to find.

And if they find enough there, my hope is that they will move on to the next house.

In a grab-and-go moment, they will not care that the food could very well be spoiled or the water unsafe to drink.

When non-preppers come inside your house, do they know you are a prepper?

The answer should be a resounding no.

Clear your closets of non-essential clothes and shoes. Donate that excess to a homeless charity. Use the freed-up space to store food and water away from inquisitive eyes.

In a grab and go situation, it makes sense for your kitchen to always be well stocked so thugs can grab and go.

It also makes sense for some valuables to be easily stolen.

For example, the above is a dead Canon Digital Rebel DSLR that was listed on eBay for $29.95 in a "buy it now" sale. Grab a simple lens for cheap and you have just created the appearance of a $750.00 bauble that can be quickly stolen in a grab and go moment.

Buy a dead laptop to sacrifice as well.

An integral part of surviving  bug in is not to appear to have anything in the first place, but if your property is penetrated, you want to give the impression that you were looted and devastated.

Learn to act. 

Capitulate immediately and show the looters where "everything" is and beg for mercy.

The art of misdirection is your friend.

Prep well and prosper.

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