Friday, April 24, 2015

Homemade Amazing: Making Vanilla

Check out the above video.

A good friend of mine made his own vanilla and I decided to try making my own. 

He explained the procedure and it could not be less complicated.

You buy vodka.

You buy vanilla beans.

You cut the vanilla beans up.

You put them in the vodka.

You shake daily for a month.

You probably should let it age four to six months—shaking regularly—and keep the bottle out of the light.

Cover it with a brown paper bag or wrap it in duct tape as I did.

There are different theories about what vodka to use.

Some say to use the cheap stuff. (ICK!!!)

Others say to used the good stuff, but that would such a waste of a bottle of Belvedere vodka.

I chose a mid point: Seagram’s Extra-Smooth Vodka. 

I enjoy martinis and, for a relatively low priced vodka, it is as it advertises: extra smooth.

Above is my bottle with the vanilla beans in it.

After taking the picture, I duct taped the bottle and noted the start date.

I would advocate against using cheap vodka because inexpensive vodka can have a harshness to it. Not all culinary applications of vanilla extract are cooked. Therefore, I would not want an aftertaste to mar the experience.

I bought my vanilla beans from VanillaProductsUSA.

They were on eBay.

I am not endorsing them, BUT their price was reasonable, the speed of delivery quite good, and I have no complaints. I would purchase from them again.

I am making 1500ml of vanilla extract. I will NEVER use that much, so my plan is to make a "homemade amazing" gift box for select family and friends this Christmas and a small bottle of what I hope will be amazing vanilla extract would be one of the gifts.

Learn to cook.


This could be a great way to open a conversation about prepping.

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