Saturday, April 18, 2015

Retro, Bug-Out Vehicle #3: Ford Interceptor

Yes, it’s gratuitous but I like the Timelords’ “Doctoring the Tardis” video.

I am an unapologetic Whovian. 

For those who do not know about Dr. Who, I feel sad.

I remember seeing the old Ford Galaxie cop car swaying around in some post-apocalyptic world inhabited by the evil daleks.

Dr. Who has no time for their evil, but maybe you should consider the modern-day equivalent as your bug-out vehicle of choice.

The modern-day equivalent of the Galaxie is the Ford Crown Victoria—now out of production. The cop car version—with extra beefing up—was called the Police Interceptor.

The attributes of the Interceptor made me wonder about using a decommissioned cop car as a bug-out vehicle.

The Ford Interceptor (nee Crown Vic) might be a competent, but inconspicuous choice for a bug-out vehicle.

In a bug-out situation, a person wants to be inconspicuous, so if your bug-out vehicle is a camouflaged Hummer H2 with a half-dozen lights on the front end, you got it wrong.

The Interceptor is sturdy. It has BOF (body-on-frame) construction (like a truck), with conventional rear-wheel drive, and V8 power (like a truck).

The advantage is that it looks like a harmless sedan. It is quite competent and capacious.

The Interceptor's rear wheel drive and weight balance make it easy to avoid spin-outs during hard maneuvers. In service, it better withstood rough driving over curbs and other obstacles in the urban environment than front-wheel-drive sedans that were also considered for police use. 

Rugged is the adjective that comes to mind.

Although it is not a 4X4, it’s certainly not a dainty sedan. A regular Crown Victoria is a sturdy car, but the Police Interceptor version had many uprated components, such as a revised transmission, and an uprated engine.

When decommissioned and sold, the police decals, computer equipment, police radios, and emergency lights are removed of course, but NOT the chassis and power train upgrades.

Another major advantage are the bench seats which can take three passengers front and back.

Did I mention that it can easily tow a trailer?

It may not be a truck, but it is rugged and reliable like one. Parts are easy to find. Buying one is cheap and it will pretty much run forever.

Food for thought.

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