Thursday, April 9, 2015

Survivalist Supermarket

What’s a single-father survivalist to do? I have a daughter. It’s just the two of us. 

Large-scale buying—for us—is excessive.

Bulk buying for us just isn't that bulky.

Grocery prices are insane at conventional supermarkets. 

Costco and Sam’s Club are not even remotely convenient for me, because neither is on my way and I do not need 55-gallon drum of maple syrup.

Conversely, supermarket prices for a thimble full are outrageous.

I had been relying on Smart and Final (OK prices), Fresh and East (excellent quality and reasonable prices), and Albertson’s (excellent quality and HIGH prices).

Meat and produce was Albertsons or F&E, but usually F&E because the prices were better for great quality.

Bulk buys were done at Smart and Final.

People told me to go to WinCo Foods, but yet again, WinCo foods was not on my way to anything.

A while back, though, a WinCo Foods opened in my area of town. 

I knew of them from my trips to the Salton Sea because I'd buy supplies at the WinCo in Indio, California. 

I have shopped about a dozen times at the new WinCo Foods near me. 

I have liked what I have seen—mostly—given that meat and produce is a B to Albertson’s A+. All of WinCo Foods' meat is OK for a family, but too much bulk for me. Most of the produce is quite good and the price differential was not good enough to switch.

What changed and took me away from F&E and Albertson's?

The Gestapo grocery workers' union forced the owners of F&E to abandon market and sell. The new buyer of F&E isn't making a go of it and so F&E stores are disappearing.

Too bad, really.

Haggen bought Albertson's and the result is TERRIBLE. 

This has nothing to do with the employees. 

Haggen REDUCED buying options. 

They INCREASED prices in a stunning way. 

Their superior produce and meat is not enough of a draw to get me to swallow their ridiculous new pricing.

Call me a WinCo foods  survivalist.


WinCo Foods needs to not be careless in their produce and meat—a real issue—and it needs to lead with quality.

Wilted green onions? Really?

Zucchini in boxes that do not get adequate refrigeration? Really?

No service butcher shop? Really?


Overall, though, I am not complaining.

I cook, so I expect the freshest ingredients in my food. I'll survive just fine at WinCo Foods.

Where WinCo Foods shines is in their bulk purchasing department. There you can buy as little or as much as you want and THAT works for me.

WinCo Foods has good prices on storage buckets and Gamma Seal lids. I currently have a two-month stockpile of food. It is organized by type (pasta, beans, lentils, textured vegetable protein, dry potato slices, peas, and rice) are measured into ready-to-use bags. All these Ziploc bags of usable food are in white buckets with Gamma Seal lids.

Because WinCo Foods' prices on EVERYTHING is advantageous, I am able to be a well-stocked survivalist/prepper without breaking the bank. 

I am happy that my daughter is safe and will have food in a crisis.

Not only is their bulk foods section AFFORDABLE and has selections that are from pedestrian to gourmet, all at sane prices.

If for nothing else, visit WinCo Foods for that section.

Winco Foods understands survivalists and preppers and leads with value.

I also applaud that WinCo Foods is anti-union. The union bullies were successful in killing Fresh and Easy, but the rank and file workers got NOTHING from their greedy Gestapo-Democrat prison guards.

Anything to flip off the grocery union...count me in.

Haggen can bite me.

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