Friday, April 17, 2015

The DeMoncrarts Smelly Smelt

California Democrats are opportunistic hypocrites. I guess nationwide it is the disease of all DeMoncrats. Liberals will confuse truth to further their goals.

I have no use for them or their welfare-entitled devotees.

Liberal Democrats are OK with crippling the California economy over sustaining the non-indigenous delta smelt, but will not lift finger to protect the non-indigenous tilapia in the Salton Sea that die off in the millions each year.

The delta smelt is not indigenous and is in no danger of being extinct as a species worldwide, but even if it were, the benefits to the world of the California cornucopia of agriculture would trump this literal nothing of a species.

Let’s be fair for the sake of argument. Suppose that the lives of millions of fish is something we should care about.

It isn't.


If we must ensure that the delta smelt has enough water to survive, then we must ensure that the Salton Sea gets enough water to prevent the tragic die off of 7 million defenseless tilapia each year.

It is the same argument, except that—for Liberal Democrats—the Salton Sea is not sexy.

I say that we should not give a rat’s butt about the delta smelt.

Let it die! Let agriculture have the water it needs.

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