Monday, April 27, 2015

Wal-Martian Finds #1

But first, a disclaimer.

My union does not like Wal-Mart because Wal-Mart is a right-to-work operation. 

Unions like mine seek to demonize Wal-Mart and, in so doing, they bully normal people wanting to work.

Where do you think the derogatory “people of Wal-Mart” photos come from? 

That’s right…from the smear campaigns of unions.

Dress like a freak show. Go inside Wal-Mart. An operative shoots with a cell phone. Post it to the Internet. 

Smear campaign in motion.

The Gestapo bigotry of the Left bashes white people to assuage their latent cultural guilt.

The Socialist, Fascist Left has no problem with smear tactics. 

It's OK to stereotype and demonize fat people and rednecks because the images they use are of white people.

Yes, they are that sick-minded.

My union would be angry with me for shopping at “right-to-work” places like WinCo Foods and Wal-Mart, but I have their crotch grab right here.

They would rather have me pay far more at places like Haggen that cash rape consumers two dollars a jar for Best Foods mayonnaise and more.

Although I am forced to belong to a union, I refuse to do anything they advocate.

I support Wal-Mart. I shop Wal-Mart and WinCo Foods on purpose and I win every time.

And—as a prepper—what’s not to like about Wal-Mart? 

Wal-Mart has many conventional prepper supplies for cheap and if you wander around, so many more finds materialize.

One example is swim goggles. 

In a high-dust situation you will need eye protection. Goggles are great. Yes, your eyes will sweat, but that is much better than having particulate matter in your eyes.

My daughter and I are outfitted for less than 20 dollars.

What’s not to adore about a tent-peg mallet? It’s good for pounding in tent pegs and has many uses including getting stubborn Omega lids to go on buckets.

A mallet is also a great weapon.

Less than five dollars.

Cheap flip-flops can prevent foot disease in a crisis situation.

My daughter and I are outfitted for less than two dollars.

Perhaps the best find of my most recent trip to Wallyworld was the discovery of lawn blankets.

They cost about 12 dollars and come in a very nice bag. You need one in the trunk of every car you own, but they are too affordable not to buy more for bugging out.

Just remember that unions are 100% OK being the mouth whore to the Liberal, Democrat Left.

Just think about how much they must have paid this woman to demean herself for their selfish gains.

If I could leave my union, I would walk in a heartbeat.

Support right to work.

Support autonomy and responsibility.

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