Saturday, May 9, 2015

Front Porch Gardening

Ahh yes, the pink flamingo overlooking rosemary and bell peppers doing their thing.

I am so NOT a burlap-wearing, Far-Left Prius driver who wants to turn his front yard into a growing field so I can content myself in being greener than those around me.

If anything—when I garden full tilt next year—I will want none of my neighbors to know of my bounty. 

When I was a kid and into my teen years, I maintained a large garden in the backyard of my grandparents’ house.

Because I had not gardened for food in years, I elected—this spring—to get back into it via containers.

First up is my lemon tree that I purchased when it was 1/10th the size it is now. It’s always lived in a container, and once—two years ago—it produced four lemons.

The lemon, razorblade martinis were sensational.

I transplanted it to a larger pot this year and do not anticipate any lemons.

I will probably transplant it to the back yard in September knowing it will have 2 ½ months to acclimate before the light freeze that tends to happen at the end of December. Spring comes roaring back in January.

It will depend on how the tree progresses this summer.

The lime tree—purchased at the same time as the lemon tree—has grown and grown, but never produced limes.

It is healthy and strong and—someday—I hope to enjoy homegrown limes with some gin. I don’t drink often, but I promised myself that I would give the limes the ultimate test.

I have a dwarf orange tree in the back yard where my lemon and lime trees will eventually reside.

 I decided to gamble on eggplant because I love the stuff. I have enjoyed the bounty of friends who have planted too many eggplant seedlings only to have them grow like weeds and produce enough eggplant for a supermarket.

My conventional eggplant —i.e. the big ones—are growing slowly but steadily and I have my fingers crossed.

Because I adore Japanese eggplant, I planted two and am hoping for a nice payoff.

We’ll see.

The cucumber plant I won at a 72-hour bag party has four vestigial cucumbers on it.

I cannot wait.

My Roma tomatoes are going bonkers, but not attaining much height.

My beefsteak tomato plant is growing rapidly in height, but so far has only produced one tomato.

The moringa oleifera plants have doubled in size in three weeks and I’m excited.

That is the extent of my little front-yard garden.

It's a small start and next year my operation will be much bigger and more complex.

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