Saturday, May 9, 2015

Going Home By A. American

Morgan Carter is the MacGuyver of the EMP, TEOTWAWKI scene.

A friend of mine suggested I would enjoy the "home" series written by A. American and because this friend is usually—well always—right, I bought the series of five installments.

Purposefully, I did not read any of the online reviews. Literally never have I read a book based on its reviews or its place on the bestseller list.

I read based on recommendations of friends who know how I tick and from my own research and interests.

Because I would rather write than read—and I write typically two hours a day for my own satisfaction—I have no time to read the trendy bullspit that’s all glittery and dismissible.

Thus, I did not read Fifty Shades of Utter Stupidity, but the President and his wife did because Oprah did.

Going Home introduces us to protagonist Morgan Carter who has a warehouse full of amazing survival gear packed into one backpack that he just happens to have in his truck when SHTF and TEOTWAWKI happen.

Yes, the premise is 100% implausible, but this is fantasy and above all FICTION.

None of us is as prepared as Morgan Carter.

None of us is likely to have the sheer good luck he has along the way.

I get that, but so what?

The idea that the story must be 100% plausible is nonsense.

More importantly, the story has numerous vignettes that illustrate “what if” situations and solutions to them.

I want to build a new house just to have a Faraday cage room.

I want a beat up old pickup.

Gentlemen, none of us has balls as big as Morgan Carter's.

The writing style reads like a person is driving 100mph in a 65mph zone. At first this annoyed me until I caught on that were I to be in that situation, I would have adrenaline pumping.

Hence the writing style. Duhh!

The novel is a page turner in which supporting characters (antagonists to Carter) and villains are as clearly represented as the protagonist himself.

Morgan Carter is a bit old school. He is a man’s man. Male readers would love to be him and I’d wager female readers would love to have him as a husband.

He is devoted to his wife and children and nothing—I mean nothing—stands in his way of getting home.

Yes, he makes it home. That’s hardly a spoiler given the title. It’s the in between that is fascinating.

Go read it if you haven’t already.

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