Friday, May 22, 2015

Is Your Home Secure?

Sometimes, something simple affords us more protection and security against our homes being invaded than an arsenal of guns.

I’m not against guns, but I came up with a home remedy and found two videos that for less than a dollar will virtually eliminate entry via the easiest portals to my home: the front door and the garage door.

The first involves a zip tie which costs mere pennies.

Watch this video. 

It will shock you. 

I have a strong garage door that cannot be pushed open when it is in the down position. It automatically locks in the down position at the end of its travel. I thought I was protected.

Yet, within seconds, the lock can be rendered useless and thieves can be inside my home.

All of your friends need to see that video. I may just put a zip tie and a piece of paper with the link in envelopes and send them to my friends because the fix is simple and needs to happen immediately.

The next clever trick involves a cheap metal fork. 

The level of genius knows no bounds on this one.

I would have also done that to my home as well, but I didn't.

Unfortunately, the design of my door does not allow the fork trick, but I have come up with something for my double doors that bear the loving scratches of my loving hounds.

When outside and facing my front double doors, the right door is the one that opens normally. That is the one a thief would likely kick.

The left one can be opened as needed, but it is anchored top and bottom. It also has a metal channel into which the right door deadbolts.

Thus, to kick open my front door would require more effort but not much more. My door is more secure than a single door, but I am not delusional.

If someone wants in, he will get in.

My solution to slow down a home invasion was to use a sturdy dog leash and fortify the inside knobs.

I do not think this will prevent entry, but it will buy me time during which I can call 911 and get responding.

I put the loop of the leash over the knob of the stationary door.

I then wound the leash around both knobs and put the tail of the leash behind the passes of the strap around the knobs.

Yes, my dogs would alert me at night as well, but not all home invasions happen at night when the dogs are inside.

And, no, I do not live in a crime-ridden neighborhood.

But I refuse to be deluded by that.

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