Sunday, May 24, 2015

Isagenix Prepping

Isagenix—the company—let me introduce you to preppers—the community.

This is a match made in nirvana.

Dismiss Isagenix as a diet scam if you want—I don’t given that I’ve lost 35 pounds and counting with Isagenix—but their protein shakes can be a prepper’s delight.

I keep water in the trunk of my car. 

An Isagenix protein shake plus a shaker equals and easy and compact emergency meal.

In a minute, I am fed.

Because I never drive with icky people, one IsaShaker will do fine. We can take turns having a shake because I am not afraid of cooties.

It’s simple. Dump in the water. Dump in the shake mix. Shake like hell. Drink.

It will not be the best mix if you’re an experienced owner of an IsaBlender, but you will be nourished with a protein and nutrient rich meal substitute while you are waiting for your car to be towed.

Isagenix shakes come in 14 ration serving boxes and that is almost a five-day food fix per person.

I can hear some sneer at the cost, but I throw down the expediency card.

I throw down the excellence card.

The product rocks.

The Isagenix meals are damned easy to use and enjoy.

They take up negligible space.

They are delicious and nutritional.

Shouldn’t every well-stocked trunk have some?

If you're a prepper and you don't know of Isagenix, your card is in danger of being revoked.

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