Sunday, May 24, 2015

Kitchen Organization

Trips to Walmart can really set things in motion.

This year, my stated goal was to store up for the two months during which I do not get paid. 

Today I decided to organize my supply.

A trip to Walmart netted soda can caddies for the refrigerator and for canned goods as well. 

I also purchased canned good caddies because Walmart only had four soda can caddies in stock.

My kitchen has a tremendous amount of cupboard space that I have used inefficiently.

Today was about efficiency.

I cleared the cabinets under my kitchen counter/bar to get a look at what I was working with. 

The counter top that separates the open kitchen with the ginormous (18 x 36 feet) great room is nine feet long and has tons of cupboard space underneath.

I took everything out and looked at the empty cupboard and immediately saw a flaw to putting a lot of canned good weight on the top shelf.

The top shelf of the main expanse of cupboards is a six-foot stretch that is secured at the edges, but not in the middle. 

Immediately, I knew it would sag in the middle, so I went to Harbor Freight tools and bought several, cheap, two-ton hydraulic jacks. 

They had a sale this weekend and the price was stupidly low.

With the jacks in place, the organizing could begin in earnest.

Yes, jacks are overkill but the Neanderthal in me loved the idea.

With those cupboards dealt with, I then cleaned the refrigerator.

I’m not a dirty person, but I am afraid Gordon Ramsay would have said: “When was the last time you took everything out and cleaned this bloody thing from top to bottom?” (Six months, sir!) “Bloody hell! Look at that! Look at it! Bloody, f#cking hell!”

There was nothing egregiously wrong or unsafe, but a total clean every six months is no longer good enough for me.

Cleaning the fridge also meant reorganizing it. As a result of reorganizing it, I have a LOT more space.

I like this Martha Prepper mode.

I’ve always been of the point of view that a man’s place is in the kitchen—just as it should be for a woman—because we have to eat and knowing one’s way around the kitchen promotes healthy living.

Men, women, boys, and girls need to know how to use the kitchen to create meals. It is a survival skill.

Many men love cooking, but radical feminists told women that kitchen work was subjugation by the male establishment.

I call bullshit.

My daughter will know how to cook, but not because she is a woman. She will know how to cook because she is a prepper.

I consolidated sugar, powdered sugar, brown sugar, colored sugar, and of all things cornstarch.

I gathered and stacked serving chargers, cooling racks, stainless steel bowls, and baking pans.

This opened enough space to store my three-month supply of protein shakes.

Don’t get me started on how much I love Isagenix as a meal solution, but I do.

All is organized for the summer.

To be honest, I think I have more than a two-month supply of food, but I will not be replenishing what I use until September because my stated goal was not to spend much money during the last check of the year at the end of May and my first check of the new year at the end of August.

Fresh meat, fruit in season, and some vegetables will be the only groceries. All else is stocked.

My goal next year is to work on a six-month supply with rotation.

I will rock that mutha!

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