Saturday, May 16, 2015

Mindful Engagement #3: The Nuclear 50s

Are you a prepper cliché?

The post World War II Cold War era has some interesting parallels to our present time. 

We can learn some valuable lessons from our society’s previous folly.

In the 1950s people actually believed that if they had a brick room under ground and that if they saw the mushroom cloud of a nuclear explosion, that all they needed to do was scamper off to their bomb shelter for a day or so, and everything would magically be OK.

Pardon the run-on.

That is an exaggeration.

But not by much.

Construction companies built bomb shelters and raked in cash.

They talked the talk and people inked contracts. 

This same “me too”, “sheeple” behavior can be seen today as wannabe preppers buy ready-made 72-hour bags and buckets of freeze-dried/MRE foods.

If you’re a true believer—and I want money out of you—all I have to do is speak the words of your “bible” and patiently listen as you expound about SHTF, or WROL, or TEOTWAWKI and nod my head.

You think I'm with you, bro, as I cha ching your Visa card.

I am not saying that all vendors are hacks...far from it. 

I am saying that buying a “thing” and thinking you have done “it” is moronic.

In the 1950s, people thought weathering a nuclear storm was doable.

Probably it was not, but the sheeple believed.

It is no different today.

To what extent do we delude ourselves that we are safe because we are “off grid” or that we have “bugged out” to some clandestine spot?

In the 1950s, people believe they could see a mushroom cloud and be completely unscathed by heading to their bomb shelters.

The bomb would never be dropped when the kids were in school and dad was at work. Back then, moms didn’t “work” (rolled eyes).

Today is no different. 

The SHTF or TEOTWAWKI moment will never happen when the kids are in school and mom and dad are working.

We need to prep our children to be survivalists on their own.

Just say "no" to Chicken Little idiocy.

Chicken Littles see no issues. 

Everyone will be at home ready to board the Hummer H2 with the bug-out trailer behind it and the trip to Buttbang Falls Idaho will be uneventful.

I do not want to be misconstrued as saying that preparedness plans are a fool’s paradise because that’s far from the truth.

What I am adamant about is fighting our opportunistic nature as human beings.

We glom on to simple solutions for complex problems and often are gob smacked when simplistic solutions fail.

Because thinking is hard, we try not to do it.

I want the easy way out, but it will never be the answer.

Preparedness has been in the background of our society as American ideals and values.

The Great Depression is a lesson we’ve learned to forget that we should remember.

Self-reliance and self-preservation should be the backbones of our society, but too many of us have embraced instant gratification, shallowness, and delusional thinking

Some of us prep.

Others of us play act at it.

And the multitudes do nothing to be self-reliant.

In this post, I’ve used artwork from the 1950s and the images are pretty laughable.

I want to beg the question of how silly will our 2015 prepper images look in 2065—I’ll likely be dead by then—but my suspicion is that there is a lot of folly in our delusional seriousness.

Are you a prepper cliché?

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