Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Our Messed Up Society

I am a fan of Post-World-War-II Americana.

As a society, we emerged from The Great Depression’s prepper/thriftiness and dove headlong into unbridled optimism.

With the dawn of the 1950s and through the 1960s, everything was bigger, more brite (sic), and space age.

Appliances that did “women’s work” proliferated as a means to make women more efficient and probably to make men feel less guilty about their wives toiling.

I am 1000% on board with appliances as tools to help men and women be more efficient, but having an appliance for everything can be a fools paradise.

In the process we unlearned a lot.

We’ve learned to microwave or buy fast food rather than cook it. Our sad health and lack of preparedness are two unfortunate outcomes.

We’ve learned to buy rather than grow. We trust in a false sense of abundant supply that falls apart the nanosecond anything happens.

Because the food processor can chop and grind, we no longer know how to do it by hand—efficiently—should we need to.

We have washers and dryers that are magnificent works of technology, but do we know how to do laundry without electricity?

We don’t cook and can. We buy.

Very basic things “we” used to know, “we” no longer know.

I’m all for learning lost skills. Those skills are no longer gender specific.

I was raised by grandparents who lived through The Great Depression and they taught me many things.

I used to know how to can food.

I used to know how to do a lot of things that I have since forgotten.

I need to relearn.

My first summer project—once school is out—is to string a clothesline.

Growing up, nearly all of my clothes were line dried with a quick pop in the dryer—on no heat—to undo the stiffness of sun-dried clothes.

Line drying may be “green” but I have no use for delusional greenies. I care about frugality and being smart with laundry saves me money.

I’ve tiptoed back into growing food in advance of a larger-scale operation next year.

Because of my grandfather, I know a lot about cars. When something goes wrong with one of my cars—generally—I know what the cause is.

I can do an oil change. I can rotate tires. I can replace air filters. How many men can?

Yes, I’m about to go political.

Buckle up.

The Socialist, Liberal Left wants women to believe that women should reject every vestige of being the traditional 1950s woman.

Hell, they ran the lie about the "Republican war on women" in which supposedly Republicans are subjugating women to pregnancy for not providing contraception for the women's promiscuity.

And the sheeple, idiot Left voters bought it.

The Socialist, Liberal Left wants men cowering in fear and kowtowing to the rainbow-shitting unicorn agenda.

The Socialist, Liberal Left wants to use gay Americans—and blacks for that matter—to think of themselves a victims.

I hate the Socialist, Liberal Left.

Preppers are different.

Preppers know that there are forgotten skills that men and women should relearn.

Preppers know that men and women contribute equally to the survival of their family systems.

Preppers know that other prepared people—regardless of gender, political affiliation, creed, ethnicity, or sexual orientation—are allies.

Preppers are inclusive.

The Socialist, Liberal Left seeks to create division.

Screw them over at all cost.

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