Sunday, May 10, 2015

Preppers, The New Minority

Down the rabbit hole we go!

We are the next misunderstood minority.

This will annoy some of my fellow preppers, but sometimes we not only see the glass half empty, but also are cocksure that it has sprung a leak.

We stockpile.

We prepare against SHTF.

We prepare against TEOTWAWKI.

We rehearse bugging out in the event an EMP will wipe out society.

We obsess about what we have overlooked in our preparedness so as to get that item in our arsenal.

We worry about protecting our children at all cost.

We preppers come from a place of genuine love and responsibility, so what’s “wrong”?

People think we are crazy.

I’m not saying we are crazy, but I do worry that—given how much we worry—are we missing the sweetness that life truly is?

When we talk about prepping, why so often do we speak of doom, when we could speak—as some of us do—about how prepping makes us cognizant of the preciousness of every moment of our lives spent with our spouses, children, and friends?

I recently read Going Home by A. American and while the S really did HTF, Morgan Carter’s inner drive was to be home with his wife and kids. He valued them when the novel began—and all was well in the world—and with every step on his way home after the collapse of society, he appreciated them even more.

That is why we prep, but very few outsiders see that circle of reasoning. If they saw our thinking and  reasoning, they would see us as courageous rather than yearning for a Cloudcuckooland of post TEOTWAWKI nirviana.

We are horrifically bad with public relations and sometimes it appears that we do not care what people think, but we should.

If people think we are crazy, then we are expendible when SHTF happens.

Some of us engage in discussing conspiracy theories, but all too often it’s mental masturbation.

It’s not that bad things haven’t been done behind our backs, and hidden from us for decades and decades, it’s that most conspiracy theories—in my opinion—are fantasy than reality.

And even if EVERY  conspiracy theory is true, what can we do?

It’s not that we should sit back and do nothing, but more about where we should allocate our energies.

For example, one could think Obama has committed numerous treasonous acts against this country as President and should be impeached, arrested, tried, convicted, and imprisoned without the possibility of parole, but the fact that none of that will happen makes allocating energy in that direction only to spin wheels, senseless.

I am no Pollyanna.

I believe evil exists.

I believe there are human predators out there.

I do not see the good in all.

Instead, I see good in people who demonstrate goodness as their default.

My favorite Mormon couple—and mentors—show nothing but goodness and—as preppers—virtually no one would see them as crazy.

They are good for public relations.

Do people think we preppers are crazy cuckoo birds because of our intensity, seriousness, and almost messianic drive to spread the value of preparedness?

Yes, they do.

And it’s an unfair snap judgment.

We are—unfortunately—a minority in America and we should be a minority.

I am not saying we should sugar coat anything, but rather that we should be coaches and mentors of self-reliance, responsibility, and common sense.

We have to battle narcissism.

We have to battle shallowness.

We have to battle those who have been numbed by dummy issues.

In short, we have to love those who do not understand until they do.

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