Tuesday, May 12, 2015

R U Unfuelish


We throw a lot away.

Consider the leaves, twigs, branches, cardboard, etc. that we discard when we should buy trash cans and stock up on free or nearly free fuel.

We recycle cardboard because it is the right thing to do, but do we have a large garbage barrel full of ripped up cardboard that we can use in rocket stoves and mailbox stove?

The answer is no.

Should a SHTF moment, you’ll be happy you have cardboard fuel.

No one buys the newspaper anymore.

Maybe we should.

Here, The Bakersfield Californian is a vapid, poorly written paper that celebrates idiots like Herb Benham as thinkers.

Trust me, Herb Benham is unintelligent, but he generates paper.

I need to make his writing incompetence into logs.

Newsprint can be turned into fire logs very easily and–unlike Duraflames—they have no “lighter fluid” in them that increase the safety risk.

Maybe we should subscribe and make logs.

I’m a teacher.

I buy Dollar Tree pencils.

My students grind them into my pencil sharpener at an alarming rate.

The shavings are fuel.

Granted they will burn fast, so they could serve as an igniter.

Do I need a garbage container full? No. Could I generate one in a school year? Yes!

If you have a yard, think about fuel.

Gather twigs.

Gather and cut branches.

I have palm trees from which I could generate a lot of fuel from the fronds and branches.

I need to cut and process fronds and branches instead of sending them to green waste.

I have space for garbage cans that are reasonably water tight that can store my fuel sources.

I need to start.

This isn’t rocket science.

This is thinking clearly.

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