Monday, May 25, 2015

Sagaris A SHTF Tool

I first came across the word “sagaris” when the TVR Sagaris came into being and I wondered why it was named that way.

I discovered that the folks at TVR picked a name as brutal as they had with their Tamora—a rather despicable and ruthless Shakespearean character—but I digress.

I do that from time to time.

A sagaris is an Iranian battle axe—one of several designs—that is devastatingly brutal.

In dealing with captured enemies, the Persians would swing a sagaris and it did not make any difference which side of the instrument hit the enemy because death was the result.

One side had a beheading blade.

The other side had a hammer to bash in skulls.

Aside from shamelessly plugging my favorite car company, what purpose could a sagaris—the tool—serve for a prepper?

Of the different sagarises, two stand out.

One has an axe blade on one side of the head with a pick on the other side.

I hear the howling now! “That’s a pickaxe, dude!” Yeah, whatever…it’s a Sagaris.

The pickaxe is a time-tested invention for surviving in the rough or killing an intruder on an as-needed basis.

The second, most-common sagaris has a chopping blade on one side and a hammer on the other.

Assuming you will not go beheading people in a SHTF moment—well you might, but I digress...yet again—the sagaris’ chopping blade has many survivalist uses in the wild as does the hammer side.

Both tools deserve a spot in our war chest.

Alert: gratuitous TVR Sagaris video:

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