Saturday, May 2, 2015

SHTF Scenario: Black Rage…An Editorial

I have no ill will toward law-abiding citizens of any race, creed, culture, sexual identity, ethnicity, age, country of origin, or size.

I also have no problem being shotgun blast blunt against bigots, racists, and the intolerant black Liberal Left.

This is that kind of post.

Historically, bad things have been done to Americans who happened to be black.

I get it.

We all get it 100 times over and to hell and back, but the throwing of the race card 24-7 has rendered me feeling ambivalent.

No one will hear me say that blacks did not suffer, but that does not give—in perpetuity—criminals like Trayvon Martin a get-out-of-coffin-free card.

Dr. King spoke of a promissory note being returned for insufficient funds.

Those who perverted MLK’s words have turned that into black entitlement.

That is not the promissory note Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. wanted to cash.

He wanted justice, equality, acceptance, and genuine love among the people making up the fabric of America.

That was then and this is now.

Sharpton, Jackson, and Obama want justice for some not all, equality for some not all, acceptance for some not all, and to brainwash black Americans into believing that there exists a genuine hate for them from white Americans.

Leni Riefenstahl and Hitler would be proud of the work of Jackson, Sharpton, and Obama.

Jackson, Sharpton, and Obama are traitors to America that deserve arrest and conviction.

I refuse to use the descriptor “African-American” for black Americans because black Americans are not African.

They are American and—as a culture—they need to start acting like patriotic, lawful citizens.

At some point black Americans have to stand up and stop playing the victim.

Without a doubt, black protesters suffered mightily during the civil rights movement as they marched with Dr. King, but Dr. King was all about enlightenment, empowerment, and not playing the either the victim card or the race card.

He sought to unite.

To him, black Americans were simply Americans.

The acknowledged leaders of black Americans seek to divide.

MLK would have despised black gangs and the criminal, thug looters that Jackson, Sharpton, and Obama celebrate today as heroes. 

Their syphilitic perversion of MLK’s legacy is reality and white Americans see black Americans trashing MLK's proud legacy for food stamps and jury rigging.

Jackson, Sharpton, and Obama are doing the KKK’s work nicely. 

Jackson, Sharpton, and Obama are vicious, intolerant, blistering racists.

The Liberal media champions as “protesters” the black urban terrorists who loot cities and murder anytime something does not go their way.

They are not protestors, but rather terrorists intent on destroying the fabric of this society.

Sharpton supports black terrorists because it makes him rich.

Jackson supports black terrorists because it makes him rich.

Obama supports black terrorists because it got him re-elected and will make him rich once his racial-token shell of a man leaves office.

And yes, I know the race card is already thrown and that I am being called a racist for speaking the evident truth rather than kneeling to pleasure criminals because of some misguided sense of white guilt.

The reality is that those calling me a racist are enemies of the State and to freedom of speech and are—themselves—racists.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. believed in peaceful, nonviolent protest.

Today’s, black, domestic terrorists have a middle finger on each hand up to the proud legacy of Dr. King. They are urinating and defecating on his legacy.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. believed in lawful responses to injustices.

Today’s black, domestic terrorists believe that crime is virtue.

Dr. King moved mountains to begin closing the racial divide in this country, but Jackson, Sharpton, and more recently Obama have done literally everything to incite hatred, breed mistrust, suggest that it’s OK for blacks to intolerant to the rule of law, and that the country owes black America a free ride.

Black leaders who see this idiocy and speak out against it are scorched in the fires of vicious, Gestapo thuggery of the intolerant Liberal Left.

Just as Muslims do nothing—in a concerted effort—to protest their negative portrayal, so do blacks do nothing—in a concerted effortto kill gangs, to decry the immorality of serial-breeding baby daddies and welfare baby mamas.

Sharpton, Jackson, and Obama have made it a crime to respond in any way to black criminals with a blood thirst for killing, but 100% lawful for blacks to pillage, burn, rape, kill, and destroy in the name of some perverted sense of entitlement and righting injustice.

It’s sick, narcissistic, psychotic, but—most damningly—laughable.

I truly believe that a SHTF moment or a WROL scenario will involve inciting black domestic terrorists to attack lawful white Americans.

Do I believe all blacks are the issue? NO!

I believe that maybe 5% are, but that is the 5% that is encouraged and militarized most.

Black Americans need to stand up against Bloods, Crips, Jackson, Sharpton, Oprah, Obama, welfare entitlement, serial-breeding baby daddies and baby mamas, and—most importantly—playing the racial victim.

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