Sunday, May 17, 2015

Why I Prep

[The following is a guest post from @survivalnation3 on Twitter. It’s nice to see a young person take up the charge of being prepared.]

I first got started into prepping about five years ago!

The thought of the government collapsing, the government taking over, a zombie apocalypse, martial law breaking out, or even another country attacking us and forcing us to follow their rules persuaded me to start preparing for the worst.

I will not participate in anything that happens.

I will be going off the grid and it will be a bad day if anyone ever tries to mess with my family or me!

I'm 19 years old and I have taught myself many tactics that will help me out when shit hits the fan!

I've learned to be dead on with a compound bow, recurve bow and crossbow!

I've learned to use a katana in battle and I can throw throwing knives spot on up to 30 yards and I have even learned to throw a spear!

I have also taught myself stealth, which is a very important thing to know when you need to be off the grid!

I have stocked up on many different guns from semi, to pump, to fully automatic. I have more guns and ammunition than I could possibly count and I am very good with each and every firearm that I own!

I have stocked my downstairs with uncountable gallons of water, and food of all kinds that could last up to a whole year when everything does end up going badly!

I have four drawn-out plans that I have put a countless amount of hours into and they tell exactly what my family, a set number of friends, and I will be doing when the apocalypse does start!

I have spent the last two years buying things like grappling hooks, night vision binoculars, road spikes and many other things that will help me when I'm under attack!

I store fuel in tankers underground.

I have a trailer that will transport all of my necessary things to my safe house when need be!

Prepping isn't something you do every now and then.

It is something that you need to do every day. When you realize what this world has become and, how it could go all to hell at any given moment, you will realize that prepping is a way of life.

There's nothing to be ashamed of by doing this because when something does happen, then you’re going to be the one that will be ready!

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