Monday, May 18, 2015

Zote Soap

ZOTE soap (click)

Attention: shameless product endorsement ahead!

Recently, I have been thinking how I use electricity and water.

Reducing how much of both I use will save me money and increase my resources because both are expensive in California.

One area where I believe I could use less electricity, and water as well, is with my laundry.

Many of the items of clothing I wash are worn but are not dirty.

Thus using a machine load of water to wash them in soap and another tub full for rinsing is a waste of both water and electricity.

I like the freshness of clean clothes. I plan to start rinsing items that do not need washing and washing only those items that need true cleaning.

I also plan to install a clothesline because the summer heat of Bakersfield will dry my laundry quickly saving me electricity and gas.

As luck would have it, a friend—not knowing I was thinking about laundry—handed me a three-year supply of Zote laundry soap when I greeted him this morning at school.

Zote is a Mexican product and I already use Mexican-made Foca powdered laundry detergent. It is a fraction of the cost of Tide et. al. and works marvelously.

Zote is a new tool. It looks like a giant bar of soap you’d use in the shower. In fact, people do use Zote as a bath product as well.

My buddy—an honorable example of an LDS prepper—learned of Zote while he was serving his mission in Mexico. He is sold on the excellence of the product.

Zote’s website says it is made from coconut oil and tallow and that is contains optical brighteners.

Its fragrance comes from citronella and therefore it leaves clothes smelling fresh. I like the fragrance.

The size of the bar fits readily into your hand and off you go to clean clothes…or yourself.

Apparently, Zote traces its roots back in time to rural places in Mexico where women washed clothes with old-school washboards.

I adore rustic Mexico.

My buddy told me that Zote is especially good at removing tough stains and I cannot wait to try that out.

Zote’s website also says it is ideal for delicate clothes because nothing about its makeup is derived from harsh chemicals.

For this reason, Zote claims that its product is ideal for people who have sensitive skin and babies.

On my “to buy” list is a washboard and a tub for my prepper stockpile, but I will try Zote sooner just because I can.

Am I about to become a Luddite and abandon my washing machine? Nope!

But I am going to be much more mindful about how I use that appliance.

I could easily wash underwear and socks with Zote in the kitchen sink. Rince them in the second sink. Spin them in the washer, and hang them out to dry.

I actually like the notion of hard work.

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