Thursday, June 4, 2015

Fun With Rocket Stoves

Rocket stoves are incredibly ingenious devices that draw on the chimney concept to suck in air, burn fuel, produce heat, and cook food.

Of course you can buy rocket stoves ready made at Amazon dot com with super duper Prime free shipping, or for a fraction of the cost you can build the damn thing.

I strongly advocate the latter.

Customarily, when I do something, I read up on it and learn from others’ mistakes. I ran across a video that discussed the kind of fuel a rocket stove needs in order to develop appropriate heat for cooking.

It’s a bad pun, but how to feed a rocket stove is not rocket science.

Small-section pieces of wood and twigs are better than big, thick pieces obviously.

The most common cinder-block, rocket-stove design uses an H block that simply is not available everywhere.

This video shows how to get around it, BUT if you follow the video’s directions, you will have one burner.

Moreover, the center section will be unstable with the two pavers and the brick.

The air inlet on the left in the video needs a corresponding one on the right to be a true-functioning, two-burner rocket stove.

In order to make this design safe, you will need:

6 cinder blocks
1 brick
2 pavers

Assemble it like in the video, then add a right-side air inlet. Finally put a cinder block vertically against each paver to provide stability.

I love British accents.

I love Australian accents.

I adore Russian accents.

I love this guy’s videos on YouTube. No H cinder blocks? MAKE ONE with Russian bear ingenuity!

This guy is (1) very ingenious, but (2) infinitely charming for his homespun, marbles-in-his-mouth, Russian accented narration.

The Crazy Russian Hacker is worth his weight in gold!

Besides, if a Kenyan Muslim can be President of the USA, then this is my dream team:

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