Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Got Hammer?

Believe it or not, submerged car accidents are more common than we imagine.

Knowing what to do can save your life. The following video depicts what you need to know in the first 30 seconds should the very worst happen.

We need to know the basic principles of survival. 

We think we have an air bubble that will be trapped inside the car and that letting water in will kill us.

As counterintuitive as letting water in sounds, it is the right thing to do.

We think calling 911 will do "something", but emergency responders do not have the ability to materialize instantaneously.

We need to think for ourselves.

The next video adds more dimensions to the discussion.

Most cars today have power windows. Should your car hit water, immediately power windows to the down position as you have merely seconds to do so before the water short circuits the electronic mechanisms.

Undo your seat belts. Don't panic. They should disengage easily.

Do not call 911. People have called 911 only to drown because they were idiots who never considered what they would do.

Get the hell out of the car!

Having a tool like a Life Hammer or a Rescue Me is essential for cutting the seatbelt—if for some reason it will not release—and for bashing out the windows—should the electric components short out.

My advice is to get a “life hammer” tool for every car—and bedroom—in your life.

Then teach everyone how to use it. Wife, husband, partner, children, and friends need to know how to use the hammer.

My hammer is in the center console of both of my cars.

Every bedroom should have a hammer of some sort for bashing out a window in the event of a fire or earthquake.

Go to Harbor Freight Tools and buy cheap hammers—more on that in another post.

Be safe in your cars.

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