Monday, June 8, 2015

Got A Stiffie?

Time to report on my solar drying of clothes.

I bought two retractable clotheslines and probably only needed one, but I digress.

My plan—to the maximum extent possible—is to use Bakersfield’s blistering sunshine to dry my laundry.

Today it was unofficially 107 degrees.

The retractable clothesline sags a lot, so I’ve had to be inventive in using it, but my inventiveness—even if it is a bit Rube Goldberg in nature—delights me.

I use my washer the night before I plan to hang clothes out to dry so as to use non-peak electricity rates.

And, yes, I have solar panels.

I typically put the damp laundry out around 8 am and by noon or so, they are dry.

I dry shirts inside out because the sun has a powerful bleaching effect.

I feel so domestic.

I recall doing the clothesline thing with my grandmother, so I have positive memories of doing laundry the old-fashioned way.

What I had forgotten is how stiff the clothes get when not tumbled dry.

And, yes, I can fluff them in the dryer, but why?

I will be using my electric/gas dryer almost never this summer.

I will be rinsing bath towels rather than washing AND rinsing them.

I’m sure I seem crazy and extreme to some for not using appliances as they were intended, but I am liking this.

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