Friday, June 19, 2015

Gray Water

How many fail to start?

One of the fun aspects of being a prepper is learning new terms, skills, and mindsets.

There is always something to learn.

I am always ready to learn about it.

One term I have decided to get more in touch with is “gray” water reuse.

Gray water is reusable, used water that normally goes down the drain instead of being reused.

By reusing water, we are more efficient and in California, every drop counts.

I’m not ready to go to level 10 on gray water recycling, but I know where to start.

In the summer, if I would want cool water out of the kitchen spigot, I would have to let it run for several minutes (literally)…down the drain…normally.

The hot water coming out of the cold side is great when I am making pasta for my daughter or even rinsing dishes in a sink full of water, but if I want cool water, I no longer use the spigot at the sink.

I now use the in-door chilled water of my refrigerator.

I’m paying for the water to be chilled, so why not use it?

From now on, when I use the kitchen sink, I will catch the water I would previously allow to go down the drain.

Dollar Tree pitchers and some five-gallon buckets from WinCo Foods will be my allies in my conservation efforts.

The clean tap water will go in a “clean” bucket.

I can then use this water to make coffee in the morning or iced tea in the afternoon when the Mercury climbs over 100 degrees.

That is every day during summer in Bakersfield.

That’s clean water, but I will now be more mindful.

Gray water is used water or even fluids we discard.

Let’s say I made a full pot of coffee and drank half. That remaining half will go into my gray water bucket.

Let’s say I make pasta for my daughter, the water it boils in will now go into the gray water bucket.

I don’t drink enough milk to consume a half-gallon jug in a week. When I switch the milk out, the fluid will go into my gray water.

When I open canned green beans, I used to pour the water in the can down the drain.

Now it goes to my gray water bucket.

Let’s say I rinse dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.

I will use a pitcher to recapture as much of the water as possible and add it to my gray water supply.

Gardening in Bakersfield requires a LOT of water and my gray water will come to the rescue.

Most people do not realize how much water they waste.

I take fast showers usually.

I rinse bath towels rather than washing and rinsing them.

That alone saves nearly twenty gallons per load.

I’m about to start hand washing socks and underwear because I can reduce the amount of water I use by doing so.

Call me a hypocrite, but I will not allow my lawns to go brown. They are getting less water than they need, but they are still alive.

I refuse to embrace hairshirtedness behavior of the uber-green, ultra-left, lip-service-idiot of the church of the greenie movement.

But I do know that preppers are greener than the supposedly green Liberal morons.

I am not ready to recapture gray water from my dishwasher. That's a next step.

I am not ready to recapture gray water from my clothes washer. That's a next step.

I am ready to be intent on not using water I do not expressly need to use. That's a current step.

Yes, I could do more, but this is a good start.

How many fail to start?

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