Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Knowing What Matters

We prep because we value life.

The video (above) is actually a Toyota commercial which depicts the moments between a father and a daughter over time.

Steel yourselves. It’s a tear-jerker moment.

What’s my point?

A simple question…

Are we so busy prepping that we are not taking in every nuance of the life we live with our husbands, wives, partners, sons, daughters, family, and friends?

I suspect the answer is a simple “yes” unfortunately.

How many of us are balls-out against SHTF and TEOTWAWKI, but not balls-in when it comes to appreciating the moments that cannot be repeated?

How about another Toyota commercial?

The one above focuses on how lifelong friends are made.

Once again, do we live in such fear that we do not appreciate moments?

I am NOT demeaning preppers.

What I am demeaning is tunnel vision.

Ideally, because we prep, we should be MORE mindful of the value of life and its bittersweetness (sic).

I shared the father/daughter video with my own daughter and it was a good moment.

I shared the friends one with a good friend.

It was a good thing.

Appreciate the people in your life.

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