Sunday, June 7, 2015

My Dry Condom

Don’t you just love the catchy title?

Once you get past the testosterone-laden names like “magnum”, “Trojan”, “iron grip”, “beyond seven”, or “durex”, condoms have obvious and some not-so-obvious uses.

Given their intended purpose, I was bemused about using condoms to store water, to start a fire, or to be makeshift handcuffs.

The good news is that condoms are rather useful for STFU / TEOTWAWKI times.

The bad news is that the condoms you’ll need are not the ones you will want to use for their intended purpose.

You will need non-lubricated / non-spermicidal condoms.

The video below talks about starting a fire with a water-filled condom.

To me, condoms are hilarious to begin with.

I appreciate that they guard against pregnancy and /or STIs (sexually transmitted infections).

The “hey babe, wait till I suit up” moment is potentially awkward.

But so what? 

I am in favor of NOT creating unplanned humans and NOT contracting STIs during clandestine, adult, playtime moments.

Sure, I care about the morality, but I care more about the societal/medical realities that potentially destroy lives.

I'm a pragmatist. 

I'm Catholic.

I'd make condoms beyond easy to acquire.

So, I’ll end this post with an amusing DIY video.

Buy your dry condoms. You’ll need them.

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