Sunday, June 14, 2015

Retro Bug-Out Vehicle #6: Ford Flex

OK…so it ain’t retro.

Sue me.

Oh wait…


I’ve written about several EMP proof bug-out vehicles, but the reality is that an EMP is not the most likely event.

More than likely you’ll have a SHTF moment like a flood or an earthquake where you need to leave your area.

The Flex seats seven in a (2+3+2) arrangement, but for a family of five, the Flex has tremendous room left over.

It can also tow.

The Flex was a sales disaster—selling 1/3 its desired volume—and I believe it is because of its hearse-like styling.

I loved it and leased the first one in my county in 2008.

I may buy a new one in November of 2016 when it will be out of production unfortunately.

The underpinnings are bulletproof.

The build quality is excellent.

The Flex can be had with AWD (all-wheel drive) and a powerful Ecoboost turbo V6.

It’s worth a look.

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