Sunday, June 14, 2015

Salton Sea Bug Out

Some bugger (sic) outers have romantic notions of loading up the crew-cab Ram 3500 turbodiesel dually 4x4 pickup with a trailer behind it and vanishing to Buttluck Idaho and homesteading unmolested as TEOTHAWKI happens elsewhere.

Spend your money as you will, but I have a solution for Californians from Bakersfield to the Mexican border for a possible bug-out destination.

Memorize these names: Desert Shores, Salton Sea Beach, Salton City, Westmoreland, Brawley, Calipatria, Niland, Bombay Beach, North Shore, and Mecca, California.

Granted it’s the desert, but land is cheap as are houses.

Imagine that Los Angles has an earthquake and SHTF happens, so you pop over to your 1,500 sq. ft. home in Salton City that you bought for $87K and ride it out.

The Salton Sea has many downsides.

It’s hotter than hell in the summertime and the water stinks of rotten eggs every now and then, but it is endearing in its starkness.

From October to May, the weather is ideal

Summer is hell.

Do solar.

Crank the air.

The people who live there are simultaneously odd and yet endearing. They know that society is its own folly.

They’re already bugged out so to speak.

The place is post-Apocalyptic in pre-Apocalyptic times.

The people there will deal with the Apocalypse as just another day.

They have a bead on reality.

For several years, I was the vice-president of the West Shore Chamber of Commerce in Salton City. I enjoyed those years and I think I made a difference.

The locals are “unique”, but in the end they are salt-of-the-earth-kind of people.

Stay out of their hair and they’ll stay out of yours.

I should have bought a house back then because that $87K house I mentioned was probably $35K six years ago.

Granted, if you’re bugging out in summer you’d better pray that there is electricity. If the power’s dead and it’s 110 degrees in July in Salton City, you’ll not be thrilled.

If I could afford the expenditure, I’d have a place near the Salton Sea to bug out to, but I’d bug-out at least two weekends a month.

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