Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Survivalist Starbucks

I grew up with percolators. 

I know how to use them.

One Christmas I got my grandmother a new GE percolator because the ancient electric percolator she had been using no longer really got the water hot enough to make good coffee.

Percolation is a simple process.

Water get’s heated at the base of the percolator and escapes up a tube to a cooler spot. The hot water spills over coffee grounds and over a few minutes, coffee is ready.

Although a coffee press is probably better for a SHTF coffee need, the “oldschoolness” of a percolator cannot be denied.

I used to have a stove percolator, but it was long gone when I went to search for it.

Today, when I was in WinCo Foods, I saw a "camping coffee pot" and bought it. One does not need to go camping to use a percolator.

I know from experience that it is not rocket science to make good coffee with a percolator.

Use quality grounds and monitor the transition of the water from clear to the desired brown.

It’s that simple.

Once the desired strength is reached, pour the coffee into a thermal carafe, use the grounds in your garden, and wash the coffee pot out.

Periodically, you should clean the percolator with vinegar by percolating vinegar in it and then washing it out with soapy water.

Unless your coffee maker is a Bunn which always has hot water ready, a percolator is as fast or faster than drip coffee makers.

Get percolating!

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