Saturday, July 11, 2015


The cataclysm in Greece offers a very troubling possibility to Americans.

What would happen in an American economic collapse?

If you think an American collapse is impossible, realize that we have had several.

The Great Depression was the most damaging one and another is possible—even likely—given the fiscal mismanagement by President Obama.

President Obama DOUBLED the all-time debt of EVERY President before him in just 2 ½ years.

That is irresponsible—no wait—that’s criminal.

That catastrophic reality is not all of it.

By the time Obama leaves office, he will have doubled the debt yet again.

Every American owes just shy of $60K to pay off the debt.

Democrats love social programs that enslave people.

The Democrats give free money to people who have not earned it and then they tell those people that the evil Republicans want to take away the money they supposedly deserve.

When the collapse happens—and it will—the FIRST people to suffer will be those with their hand out wanting free money.

We will have “Ferguson terrorists” across the nation.

The second group of people to lose will be those who have their money in the bank.

As in Greece, money will be confiscated making you a pauper.

Having some of your money in cash is a good hedge to the societal stupidity that will ensue.

Liberals believe that everyone deserves everything.


Liberals believe that minimum wage is a career wage.


Liberals believe that medical insurance is a right.


Medical care is a human right, but insurance isn’t.

The more we say people “deserve” things without saying to them that must “earn” things, the quicker we head toward the clusterscrew that Greece currently is.

If anything, we need to require that ALL people receiving public assistance do community service in exchange for their free money.

Take the dollar amount of their free money and divide it by the minimum wage and that is the number of hours they must contribute back to the community BEFORE they receive their check.

That’s right.

They work first THEN get their money.

Why? Because that is how working people are paid.

I also have no moral qualm with requiring all people getting public assistance to have to prove they are drug and crime (felony) free to receive the money.

Mess up once and you’re banned from receiving free money.

In general, I believe that austerity should be how our government runs.

We should have a big surplus NOT a big debt.

Thus, when something like 9-11 happens, we have the cushion to respond, rather than running up the debt.

My position is unpopular because our society is focused on feeling good, not sweating the details, and having the money magically come from somewhere.

Perhaps it comes from rainbow-spitting unicorns.

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