Saturday, July 11, 2015

HOA Where NOT To Live

Homeowners associations purport to guarantee you an idyllic existence free of nuisance neighbors. They entice you with pools, recreation centers, and golf courses. They tell homeowners they have a voice in what happens in the community.


HOAs may as well be the Gestapo. You pay them a big fee for their services and they have 100% control over you.

You have no choice.

You must belong.

You will conform.

That is sheer idiocy.

If you’re a prepper, the HOA will classify you a nuisance neighbor.

Want to collect rain water? NOT allowed.

Want to grow vegetables in your back yard? NOT allowed.

Want to have a yard sale? NOT allowed.

Want to park a car in your driveway? NOT allowed.

Want solar panels that charge your batteries? NOT allowed.

Want solar panels to reduce your energy expenses? Surprisingly, most HOAs say solar panels are ugly and therefore solar panels are NOT allowed. Or if they allow solar panels, THEY choose the company you WILL USE.

In California, some HOAs are patently unintelligent. We’re currently in a drought, so some HOAs are encouraging their members to rip out their lawns, plant cactus, and dump rocks where the grass once was.

Nevermind that those rocks give off radiated heat—even after the sun goes down—that cause greater electrical usage during summer.

Nevermind that the lawn helps purify the air and actually keeps a home cooler during the summer.

I am fortunate NOT to belong to an HOA, so I can dry my clothes on a line and thereby not use electricity.

Granted, my clothesline is not in view of the street and I do not leave clothes on it beyond when they are dry.

I grow vegetables because I can.

I have solar panels because I can.

Have I ever dealt with nuisance neighbors? Yes, but it’s a complete myth that in an HOA controlled community that you have no nuisance neighbors. You actually have more because so many owners in an HOA community are little Hitlers each with a zeal for the "gotcha" tattling.

The basic problem I have with HOAs is that as far as I am concerned, they violate The Constitution of the United States.

Why would I be a moron and PAY to have my rights abridged by an HOA?

I wouldn’t.

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