Saturday, July 25, 2015


In general, we Americans eat too much and as a result of eating too much we consume too much fat, sugar, and sodium.

This is not a diatribe against Americans, but rather a cautionary message.

Our nation has abundance and we enjoy that abundance.

It is a good thing that most Americans do not know what true hunger is.

I’m saying we need to enjoy the abundance our country affords us, responsibly.

We read labels for many food items, but we need to watch our sodium intake.

The safe amount to consume is 2400 milligrams per day, but sodium shows up in many products that aren’t salty.

Sodas have sodium. Sports drinks have sodium. Heck even store-bought iced tea has sodium in it.

Some people actually believe that in a SHTF or a TEOTWAWKI event we need more sodium to keep up hydrated.

Nonsense. Just drink water.

Let’s make the case for why sodium is dead-wrong for a SHTF or a TEOTWAWKI event.

A SHTF or a TEOTWAWKI event increases stress, heart rate, and blood pressure. We bust open our pouches of SHTF or TEOTWAWKI foods and chow down. The over-the-top amounts of sodium in those pouched foods only deepens the high-blood-pressure threat.

Stop and think.

We stockpile pouches of food that can last forever, but because the food in those pouches have a pretty ridiculous amount of sodium in them, we must use them with intelligence.

Mountain House is an excellent company that makes high-quality food products, but most of their products have a dizzyingly high level of sodium in them.

That is not a dig at Mountain House because they are no different than their competitors.

They deliver a high quality product with way too much sodium in them because—as Americans—we have grown accustomed to consuming too much sodium.

We are at fault, not Mountain House.

Do I own Mountain House products? Yes.

I would be foolish not to have a selection of their products for a dire emergency where I have to leave my home.

What I am proposing is something different.

I propose we cook fresh from scratch and actively reduce our sodium intake by paying attention to literally every ingredient AND have a selection of pouched foods for dire emergencies.

Most people realize that bugging in is better than bugging out.

If we bug in, we should not need pouched foods.

Bugging in should take advantage of our pantries.

I say lets prepare the foods that stock our pantries more than we buy processed foods.

We can make and then can or freeze our own spaghetti and enchilada sauces, salsa, and broths.

Homemade always tastes better.

Buy canned vegetables with “no salt added” written on the label whenever possible. When you cannot buy “no salt added” canned foods, make a conscious decision NOT to season with salt.

Canned meats are excessively high in sodium.

Meat can be canned…easily.

Homemade canned meats will have better flavor, quality, and wholesomeness than store-bought canned.

Canning meat is time consuming and buying canned meats is convenient. 

I get that and we need some canned meat, but the majority of our food should be homemade.

I want to be proactive. 

I want to ensure that the food I am consuming in a SHTF or a TEOTWAWKI event is of excellent quality.

I live in an earthquake zone.

It is quite possible that I would have to leave my home with my trusted Mountain House products…and I would because I can go to any Starbucks and get hot water in order to feed my daughter and myself.

The sodium content would be unavoidable, but a necessary evil.

However, if I were bugged in without electricity, my pantry of home-prepared food bases will taste better, be more nutritious, and not have excess sodium.

My path to rejecting mindless sodium consumption has taught me how amazing foods taste without excess salt.

I've also learned how stupidly simple things are to make.

Men, women, sons, and daughters need to be in the kitchen building competence there.

Live a healthy life every day because that will fortify you in a SHTF or a TEOTWAWKI event, but more importantly in a SHTF or a TEOTWAWKI event your stockpile of healthy food choices will save your life.

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