Sunday, July 5, 2015

Without Freedom Of Choice

Preppers rehearse many worst-case scenarios.

They fear TEOTWAWKI and SHTF events the most.

In those TEOTWAWKI and SHTF scenarios, they dread WROL beyond belief.

Without-rule-of-law (WROL) scenarios paint a picture of utter chaos.

WROL fears fuel gun and knife sales.

I am 100% ok with owning guns and knives.

I submit WFOC is worse.

In a without-freedom-of -choice (WFOC) world, your guns and knives will be forcibly confiscated or you’ll forfeit your life.

WFOC is 100% more likely than WROL.

WFOC is a far more frightening scenario than WROL because WFOC means that a draconian, totalitarian, fascist police state has happened as a result of Martial Law.

As Jade Helm goes, I don’t believe it’s really going to result in a police state in September, but what if it was legitimate and, furthermore, what if a clandestine governmental operation were to be set up to create the perfect storm for a police state?

That could happen.

That would be WFOC.

I do not fear WROL. I don’t think it will ever happen nationwide.

Regionally, after a disaster, yes...until the National Guard shot and killed a few idiots going "Ferguson", but not nationwide.

But what about an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack?

On a scale of 1-10, I see an EMP attack as virtually a zero.

However, I do believe that one of the USA’s trials by fire will be to repel the threat of a totalitarian takeover either by a police state variety or of the Muslim/ISIS/terrorist religious overthrow.


Yes, overthrow. Barack "token black President" Obama has done a lot to destabilize our nation.

We are in a cauldron of turmoil because of the Hawaiian Muslim born of a prostitute.

Yes, I went there.

Let’s look at our world.

Assuming there are sane, tolerant Muslims…where is their outcry as they witness ISIS butchering people?

Some say we must not blame all for the silence of the few, but I do when no good people speak out.

Muslims who disagree with ISIS and yet do not decry terrorism and intolerance may as well rest in hell with the vermin terrorists they protect with their silence.

Similarly, black America is a clustersuck of idiocy as it plays the victim of the white man.

Jesse Jackson, Al Shgarpton, and Barack Obama want black American to think the world is out to get them rather than projecting that the world is out to accept them if they get off welfare, stop making unwanted babies, and throwing the race card.

Call me racist, but I'm OK with that because you're the bigot if you think that speaking blunt truths is racist.

Facts hurt.

Instead of the majority of productive, contributing black Americans decrying the idiocy of the recreational insperminating (sic) men and welfare baby mama garbage among them that pollute the true acceptance of  ALL black Americans, they remain silent.

Instead of the majority of productive, contributing black Americans decrying the fact that Obama has cash raped them up the poop chute, spat on them, and told them they were trash, they remain silent.

It is idiocy like this that will bring about WFOC.

Currently, it is 100% OK for black Americans to be violent, domestic terrorists, but not OK for a white citizen to defend himself.

Currently, it is 100% OK for Muslims to rape and kill women, to throw gays off of buildings, and to burn rainbow flags, but not OK to decry that they are a terrorist threat.

I'm sick of two-faced people.

Grow up.

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