Sunday, July 16, 2017

#FURY Prepared for #SHTF

#FURY is your First-step, Uniform Response plan for a Year for when #SHTF happens.

Preparedness is daunting.

You start stockpiling for 1-3 months, but you know a year's supply is the end goal.

You realize you need equipment and skills, but that takes time and effort.

But you persevere.

I’m currently at about 3-4 months of supply, but I'm not "prepared squared" in the sense that I am just now considering making contingency plans for the types of #SHTF that could happen.

How many of us assume we can think in the moment, use our provisions, and that everything will be all right?

Too many of us.

I am one of them.

I think I manage everything in my stockpile to a B+ level of mastery, but my plan is to move to a year's supply of food and water.

Where I live, earthquakes could create a major disruption of normal life for months to a year, thus I stockpile, but I need a plan.

Having 3X the amount of provisions stupefies me and contemplating how to manage that draws my attention away from making a plan.

I focus on what would 12 months of food look like and how I would store it?

Granted, I would not simply buy 3X of everything that I have now.

I would have a lot more rice and flour.

More dehydrated items like milk and eggs.

But still!

That's a lot to store...and manage...and plan for.

I’m not exactly planning to navigate without a rudder.

I have LDS friends who have a year's supply of provisions down pat, but more importantly they have their contingencies thought through.

I'm smart enough to do it on my own, but can ask them and they will guide me because more heads are better than one.

Their food is squared away nicely, neatly, and unobtrusively.

And my build up would take up less space than theirs because I’d be prepping for 2 and not 5.

But still.

My first priority would be to increase my stockpile of water.

Given that I would be buying foods needing to be reconstituted, more water will be needed above and beyond just what I would need for hydration.

But what's my plan for implementing my usage?

The reason why I would buy foods needing to be reconstituted is that I doubt my daughter and I would be able to eat our way through a year’s supply of canned food in a year.

If that sounds crazy, recall that #SHTF food is staples—the bare essentials—and we like the variety of life.

Moreover, dehydrated, powdered foods have a tremendous shelf life and having the bulk of my provisions be of the safe-for-a-decade—or more—variety will actually reduce my out-of-pocket expenses once the initial outlay has been done.

I’ve been learning my way into prepping for 3 years and I know that I will always be learning even if my goal was not to get to 12 months of food stockpiled.

I do look forward to making the push to 12.

Obviously, I will move there in increments.

But more importantly, I will dedicate more time and work to creating and writing down my contingency plans.

I’ll keep you posted.

Prepare well, my friends.