Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Mr. Superiority

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Some people just need to be assholes living their nowhere lives for nobody but themselves.

Not only do they have a shitty outlook on life, they want to take a power dump all over your day too.

Assholes are usually patently weak people with enough huffery (sic) and puffery to attempt to make you think they are strong.

They are often over-compensatory in response to the weakness they perceive in themselves.

This weakness—in men especially—stems from a lack of sexual endowment or sexual prowess and perceived lack of intelligence.

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These sad, weak souls then man up because they think everyone is looking at them.

They get triggered.

They attempt futilely to become the king, alpha male who eats barbed wire and spits out bullets.

They search for people to diminish with their actions that sneer and bully others.

Not all preppers—but a significant proportion for certain—feel weak and intimidated by potential threats.

Understanding your weaknesses is a virtue, as is freely admitting them to others.

It’s when your weaknesses make you feel "lesser than" that your potential to become an over-compensatory asshole increases.

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You see this kind of behavior when someone asks a simple question.

Mr. Superior snidely remarks “everyone knows that” or “if you had a brain” or “you could look it up” or some other such move to put another person down.

They could have simply been patient and given a simple answer.

But that would be kind and compassionate.

Kindness and compassion are signs of weakness to these people.

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Prepper blogs and discussion groups are full of this kind of attitude. 

It forces a person to have to wade through many groups to find the good places to go.

But here’s the catch.

Those over-compensatory, Mr. Superior preppers WILL BE your enemy during #SHTF.

If they can disregard civility with people now, they can disregard morality too when they feel the need to be opportunistic.

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I have written several times giving examples of that mentality.

So, when #SHTF happens, they will have no qualms taking your provisions, stepping on you, and laughing at the suffering of others.

How should we guard against these people?

Become their worst nightmare.

Do not let them go unchallenged.

Refute them logically, dispassionately, and unemotionally.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

These people are a threat to your survival.

Prepare well, my friends.

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