Friday, August 3, 2018

#Prepping Doesn't Make You Strong

Prepping is not about feeling strong.

It’s 100% about accepting your weakness against greater forces as a human being and deciding to at least do something to mitigate the potential threat.

Feeling strong against impossible odds is hubris not virtue.

Prepping is nothing new to American culture and neither is the marketing toward the Chicken Littles among us.

As with any “thing”, there are two sides to prepping.

There are those who value being ready for a sudden challenge because it is responsible living.

A wise human accepts that he is fallible and weak, but he endeavors to mitigate those deficits.

Image result for 1950s atomic bomb

Then there are those who get hyped up on prepping because it makes them feel stronger.

They are the ones who listen to Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" 24/7/365.

The atomic blasts in the Nevada desert after World War II were seen by a lot of people as America preparing against a threat.

Some even went so far as to view a blast very near ground zero because it empowered them and made them feel less weak.

But make no mistake, those people only thought they were prepared.

Someone—external to them—was doing “something”, so they did nothing and went back to being OK with becoming victims due to their inaction.

Sure, when you prep, you feel better for doing so, but feeling better does not erase the awareness that stronger forces could come against you.

People with lesser intelligence fear feelings of weakness.

It’s not that being OK with weakness makes a person intelligent, but seeing the playing field accurately requires acceptance of reality.

That is intelligent thought.

A prepared person may very well still become a victim of, for example, an earthquake, fire, or flood, but having done something proactively creates a mindset of “getting through this.”

Believing that you can weather something does not make you strong, but it does make you resilient.

Being resilient is infinitely more important than being strong.

Every survivor will tell you that.

The trick to becoming resilient is to stop watching the world go by and to stop asking “What happened?”

Should you prepare? Yes, you should.

Should you master skills? Yes, you should.

Remember, an #SHTF moment like a fire, flood, or earthquake could erase all of your preps in a heartbeat.

But they cannot erase the resilience that you have built up.

Prepare well, my friends.

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