Friday, April 24, 2015

Homemade Amazing: Dehydrated Foods

I love appliances.

I have frivolous ones: a Panini maker and an electric wok.

I have heavy lifters too: food processor, blender, roaster, grinder, crock pot, and mixer.

My most recent acquisition is a dehydrator.

I grow and dry my own rosemary and the dehydrator will be good for that.

Dehydrating foods and storing them makes sense. 

During summer, produce is abundant and dehydrating tomatoes and peppers—for two—is a cheap prepper thrill.

WinCo Foods has excellent prices on peppers like jalapenos, poblanos, and Anaheims. I plan to buy product, dehydrate them in the new toy, rough chop in the food processor, and give select family and friends a pepper assortment at Christmas.

Obviously dried fruits and tomatoes are good choices as well.

Other choices are onions and garlic. The latter is a mess that I may not tackle.

Christmas this year will be very old-fashioned.

It will be homemade.

This could be a good way to open a conversation about being prepared.

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