Saturday, April 18, 2015

Discover MoringaFarms.Com


Click the link above to go directly to moringafarms.com.

Before the glow, the contact information:

Rodney: 818-995-1185 / Office
Greg: 818-269-2637 / Greenhouse

Six moringa oleifera tree seedlings are sitting in my yard and are ready to grow.

After discovering moringa oleifera trees, I wondered about where to buy them. When I learned that one source was just 90 minutes away from me in Van Nuys, California, I went to the farm's contact information and emailed Rodney for details.

He responded quickly that they had plants in stock and were ready to ship ASAP. I replied asking if I could drive down to their greenhouse and pick up some plants and he put me in touch with Greg.

Greg very graciously agreed to meet me at the greenhouse on a Saturday morning, so down I went.

Both men were very pleasant to deal with. 

Greg took time to explain how to grow the plants and maintain them over time for maximum benefit.

I purchased six trees for a very reasonable price and was on my way home. It was a fun road trip with my daughter, but also an expedient solution to getting moringa oleifera into my life.

I could not be more thrilled.

I highly recommend moringafarms.com to anyone who is interested in this amazing plant.

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