Saturday, April 18, 2015

Top 10 Smart Ways to Build Your Food Storage

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Top 10 Smart Ways to Build Your Food Storage
By MD Creekmore

1. Make a list: Never go shopping without a list – know what you are going to buy and how much before heading to the market. Lists save time and money by giving you order and preventing impulse buying.

2. Don’t go into debt: This should be self-explanatory, still many will max out the credit card for a years supply of freeze-dried survival foods. Don’t do it. Buy what you can afford and pay cash.

3. Stick with the basics: There is no need to get fancy, the basic foods like wheat, beans, rice, sugar, salt and canned fruits, vegetables and meats are some of the cheapest foods you can buy, they store well and provide a balanced diet.

4. Grow Your Own: Seeds are cheap, plant a garden and preserve your own foods. You will save money and eat healthier meals. Not to mention the satisfaction that comes from producing your own food from seed to table.

5. Store what you normally eat just more of it: Sometimes this is easier said than done, if the bulk of your diet comes from the drive-through at the local burger joint, you need to change your meal plan. By including your storage foods into your everyday meals you avoid the shock of a radical change in diet if forced to live from your food storage.

6. Don’t forget candy and other comfort foods: This is a must; especially if you have children in your group. Hard candy stores well, is cheap and your little ones will love you for it. Just make sure they get a balanced diet and not to much of the sweet stuff.

7. Multi-Vitamin and Mineral supplements: One a day helps insure you are getting everything required for maintaining your health. Also B-complex helps control stress and vitamin C helps the immune system. Keep in the refrigerator for increased shelf life.

8. Drink mixes and coffee: These help to alleviate boredom, giving a sense of normalcy during hard times. Refrigeration may not be available so look for mixes meant to be served hot or at room temperature.

9. Vegetable shortening: Fat is a necessary nutritional component, just not at the level found in the typical American diet. Shortening is needed to make foods such as biscuits and pan breads. Be sure to rotate 1-2 years.

10. Spices and Seasoning: If things get as bad as I think they will, we could be forced to eat some strange and unusual things. Several days without food and the cat starts to look like chicken and the dog like meatloaf. Having an assortment of spices and seasoning will come in handy as you roast the dog.

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