Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Anonymous: Sinisterly Benevolent

If prepping has taught me anything it is precisely that no matter how much a person thinks he knows, there is so much more to know.

Recently, a friend who is half my age shared with me a video done by the group Anonymous.

At first, I found the video scary, but immediately on the heels of that, I found the video to be intriguing.

I think preppers need to know about Anonymous if they don’t already.

Prior to becoming informed of the activist/hactivist group known as Anonymous, I was blissfully unaware of them.

To borrow a phrase: "They are H U G E!"

They've been active for over a decade.

They slipped right by me and I like to think I am an informed person.


Their “work” involves cyberattacks aimed at combatting unlawful cyber surveillance as well as any form of cyber censorship. 

They are Internet activists and Internet vigilantes.

I like that someone is looking out for us, but the anonymity of Anonymous gives me pause.

The group has been stunningly successful with their cyberattacks against governments, businesses, pedophiles, and even the Westboro Baptist Church.

Although Obama would probably like Edward Snowden dead, I hope that if Donald Trump is elected that Mr. Trump will welcome Snowden home as the patriot he truly is for exposing the corruption of our own government.

So—for now—I am glad Anonymous is stirring the cauldron.

With the Democratic National Committee's emails getting hacked supposedly by the Russians or the Chinese—but more likely by Anonymous—we are living in times where security is more tricky than ever.

While I am gleefully pleased that the DNC was outted for the immoral, two-faced, criminal assholes that they are, the leaks also underscore how nothing can be completely protected.

And that is a double-edged sword.

On one hand, the exposition of unlawfulness is always a good thing to have happen.

On the other hand, what if information was purposefully altered that could lead one superpower to attack another superpower?

Not only is nothing truly safe, but facts could very well not be all that factual.

I am not saying that is what Anonymous is doing, but someone could.

Anonymous' logo is a headless man because the group has no figurehead.

Their motto is: “We are Anonymous. We are a legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us. Knowledge is free.”

What is most interesting—to me at least—is how Anonymous does what it does with impunity.

What is also interesting is how they are equal opportunity attackers of hypocrisy.

I love attacking hypocrites—it’s my blood sport actually—but this group has major power.

It begs the question as to who is behind the Guy Fawkes masked individuals.

I would like to share several of their videos because I think people (1) should see them and (2) to listen carefully to what and how things are said.

None of these are tiny little sound bites.

You will need to be patient.

I find them fascinating.

Here is a manifesto video (click to play).

Their message to/about Hillary Clinton is spine chilling.

I have to give it to Anonymous. They know how to set a tone.

Here is there message (click to play):

The following video lists several Anonymous “triumphs” and some of them are pretty intense disruptions (click to play).

Given that the reach of Anonymous is international, it would suggest to us that #SHTF is most decidedly possible if not inevitable.

Anonymous’ vigilantism seems to be aimed at seeking justice—which is a good thing—but what they are reporting must be the tips of many icebergs.

I am not associated with Anonymous.

I do not want to be affiliated with Anonymous.

But I am glad that they are doing what they do even if it is sinisterly benevolent.